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Making Progress

Staff continually observe the children whilst they are at Preschool.  This is to ensure that each child is progressing and to aid the staff in their planning, to enable activities to be pitched at the appropriate level to maximise the learning for the children.

Observations will be taken by all staff members and are entered on to the child's Tapestry online learning journal.   These observations can range from a single sentence noting what a child has said or done, to more detailed entry describing an event or activity that the child has taken part in.  There is often a photograph or short video to accompany the observations.  These observations are then linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage stepping stones.  During observations our staff will, where appropriate, interact with the child to encourage them to develop their play and learning.  Staff will also use the observations to form more formal "next steps" to ensure that children are progressing at the expected rate.

Each child has an individual Tapestry account.  This is their own personal online learning journal.  Tapestry is a secure site and is only accessible via and email and password login.  When a child joins preschool the parent/carers are asked to supply at least one email address to be linked to their account.  A secure logon is then send to this email direct from Tapestry to allow parents and careers to access the child's learning journal at anytime.  Parents/carers are also able to add photographs, videos and observations taken at home.

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