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It is a well known fact that children need to feel safe and secure within a setting to get the most out of their time there.  At Long Buckby Preschool we structure our day around a routine that offers a familiar structure during each of our sessions.

For much of the session we offer “Free Flow” play where the children can select the activities they wish to use and they are able to access the outdoor classroom at any time.

All the activities on offer follow the interests of the children, provide stimulation to explore and develop and link  to the Early Years Foundation Stage. 


The activities vary from day to day but always consist of the following areas:

  • Arts and Crafts - our Creation Station is always available to allow the children to help themselves to any materials that they  may need to create their masterpieces

  • Role Play

  • Mark Making

  • Construction & Woodwork

  • Small World play

  • Literacy - our cosy book corner allows children to explore both fiction and non-fiction books independently or with a member of staff

  • Number work and mathematics - our recently developed maths area provides the children with the resources that they need to further their number work and confidence

  • Outdoor play

  • 15 minute focused physical activities to ensure that the children in preschool are getting the recommended amount of high impact physical exercise each day

We will often finish the session with some singing, a chat about our day or a story before going home.

Our morning session ends at midday.  Children attending for the afternoon session will arrive at this time.

Lunch time at Preschool starts at midday. The children sit in small groups and are actively encouraged to be independent with opening their lunches, however staff are always on hand to help if needed.


Parents/Carers are required to provide their child with a packed lunch and we encourage parents to provide healthy options for their child.  We discourage packed lunches that consist largely of crisps, processed foods, sweet drinks and sweet products such as chocolates and biscuits.

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